Tuesday, March 2, 2010

work report

I have a few things to report in the way of Fuzzy Mitten doings lately. We're chugging along on the new Fuzzy Knits book. All it really needs now is the photos, and then we can order the first copy to see how it looks. So close, and yet it still seems so far away! Probably because I started this project thinking it would only take 4-6 months, but it's taken us an entire year.

I'm not too sure what's next. I have one new pattern in the works, but I might hang onto it until the Autumn, as that seems a more appropriate time for it. I've been thinking of designing a pattern for Knitpicks new Independent Designer Program. Have any of you heard of this, or made use of it? It seems like a good venue for patterns, since their yarns are fairly popular in the US. However, the patterns are all $1.99, so I would design something a bit simpler than my usual patterns. I've got a good idea, I just need the yarn and the time!

Thanks so much to those of you who bought a Bunny Puppet kit! I didn't realize they would sell so quickly. If any of you wanted one, but missed out last week, you're in luck! I've found some more yarn, and there are a bunch of new kits in my shop now. The yarns are a little different from the first set, but just as nice. There's still plenty of time to knit one before Easter, so go have a look!

In other news, our Baby Mitten is growing, and no longer a baby! Maybe we should call him Munchkin Mitten now? He's been walking for a few months, is rather chatty (even if most of his words sound the same), and is finally growing some hair. He requires a lot of my time now, especially with him taking only one nap a day, learning so much all the time, and getting into anything within reach. It's really funny too, some of the things they learn! Lev loves our kitties, and is always asking me to play with them or give them treats (this is so they will stop hiding from him, since he's still a bit rough).

He's also started singing along to his favourite cartoon, a Russian version of the Bremen Town Musicians.  He's certainly not in tune, but it's so cute! He even sings at the same parts of the songs every time.


Denise said...

Your boy is sooo cute! You are very blessed!

Unknown said...

Lev is soooo cute! I love his singing! It's really neat to be able to follow his progress on here. I never realized how fast babies develop.

Anonymous said...

recently discovered your blog.and just love reading through. The Bremen Musician is one of my childhood favorites. So glad you guys watched them .Keep cute animals coming.I am so in-love with them. Looking for great English bulldog one. Any ideas? Have you thought of creating one?

Olga Gubarev