Monday, September 20, 2010

lev's hat pattern

Here is a new free pattern for you! A simple hat for the Autumn, which you can knit up in a day, or a couple of evenings. I made this to fit Lev, who is almost 2, but because of the shape it should fit ages 1-3 (more or less, depending on the child's head circumference). 

I knit Lev's from Knitpick's Simply Cotton worsted, in Marshmallow and Ginger. This hat used exactly 50 g* or about 80 yards. Whichever yarn you use, you will want at least 100 yards total. Please let me know in the comments if you want any more details.

Now, here are the instructions:

Lev’s hat

50 g of worsted weight yarn in colour A, 50 g of worsted weight yarn in colour B*, 4.5 mm (US size 7) dpns or circular needle, 5 mm (US size 8) dpns or circular needle, row counter, tapestry needle

*The hat uses slightly less than 25 g of A, and slightly more than 25 g of B.

4.5 sts per inch

To fit head 17-19” in circumference.

CO 72 sts with A, distributing sts evenly depending on needles you are using.
Join in the round.
Row 1-6: work in st st.
Row 7: [k9, m1] x 8. (80 sts)
Change to 5 mm needles.
Continue in st st, following stripe pattern:
Row 8-10: A
Row 11: B
Row 12-14: A
Row 15: B
Row 16-17: A
Row 18: B
Row 19: A
Row 20-21: B
Row 22: A
Row 23-25: B
Row 26: A
Row 27-30: B
Row 31: A
Row 32-36: B
Row 37: A
Finish hat in B. Work in st st until hat measures 6 1/2” from CO edge.
Shape Crown
Row 1: [k3, k2tog] x 16. (64 sts)
Row 2: K 1 row.
Row 3: [k2, k2tog] x 16. (48 sts)
Row 4: K 1 row.
Row 5: [k1, k2tog] x 16. (32 sts)
Row 6: K 1 row.
Row 7: [k2tog] x 16. (16 sts)
Row 8: K 1 row.
Row 9: [k2tog] x 8. (8 sts)
Cut yarn, thread end through sts, and pull tight to gather. You may want to run the yarn end through these sts a second time to make it more secure. Weave in yarn ends. Embellish with buttons, pom-pom, or tassel if you like.

[ ] x N = repeat sequence in brackets N times
CO = cast on
K or k = knit
k2tog = decrease 1 by knitting 2 together
m1 = increase 1 by picking up loop between stitch just worked and next stitch, and knit into the back of this loop
st st = stockinette stitch


Nightgaunt said...

^_^ Wicked cute hat! He looks totally adorable in it!

Acornbud said...

Oh my, how your little has grown. He looks adorable in his little hat:)

Anonymous said...

Cute hat and cute model.

K said...

It's a bonny hat, m'dear. The colors are so quietly autumn, and it has quite a bit of class. Oh, but maybe that's just Lev, wearing it?