Wednesday, November 17, 2010

holiday sale updates

A few things today:

You know what, we'd really like you to have our books -- they make very nice presents! This is why between now and Christmas the printed versions of both "Fuzzy Knits" and "Festive Knits" are 25% off on Lulu.

I'm hoping to have a new hat pattern to release soon, maybe by the end of the week? I should be able to get the rest of the photos today, and then it just needs formatting (really wish that publishing software was easier to use). Like the books, I will probably offer it for a special sale price for the holidays, so save a little time in your knitting schedule!

I plan to have a big Etsy shop update of gift items next week. I have several toys to list, and plan to sew a few zip pouches. I'm also thinking of making kits for gift-giving. These would be for my Holiday Mice pattern, and would include yarn, stuffing, and notions for 2 mice, plus the printed pattern. A rough price estimate is about $10-12 US, plus shipping. Is this something many of you would be interested in?


Annie Ament said...

i definitely would be :) i love your patterns

K said...

I'm very tempted by the fuzzy book - even though I've bought almost every pattern in the book on etsy already. The kit, I probably wouldn't go for, as I really, really need to use up this pile of yarn that's flooding my craft room. But you know I love your stuff. I had to quit doing the pup in the middle because of family explosions, including a new baby - I've been from California to Utah to New Mexico in the last two weeks. But I'm pretty darned eager to get back to my pup and further exploration of your lovely stuff.