Thursday, December 16, 2010

more holiday charts

I have a couple more charts for you today, both a little more involved than my previous designs. I haven't had a chance to knit either of them, as I've been busy with some holiday knitting of my own. However, if anyone knits them up in the next week, please send me a photo*, and I'll post it here! I may try them both as swatches, just to make sure they work out as I hope.

The first one has snowy trees, and is done with a dark blue main colour, with light blue and white. I think this would work equally well as a pullover front, or as a border on a dress. You could work the bottom hem in the light blue, like the trees, then work the top of the garment in the dark blue. Some white buttons as accents on the finished garment would look very sweet.

The second is a border with a cardinal-like bird, and some other fair-isle accents. I've drawn it with a striped background in white and grey, but I'm sure it would be fine with a plain background (I was just experimenting). With the design done in bright red and green, it's very Christmasy. However, you could use any 2 seasonal colours, as the design itself is not holiday-themed. I think this would be best as a border on a dress, but it might also work on a pullover front.

To incorporate these charts, first work your hem rows and a plain row or two, then either center the chart on your pullover front, or repeat it around a skirt. (please see this previous post for other garment ideas) Choosing either the main background colour, or one of the others, for the rest of the garment will give you different looks. I've really left lots of options open for you to be creative, so have fun!

*you can email me here: barbara at fuzzymitten dot com


Dvorah Davida said...

I am organizing a knit a long for my knitting guild (Camilla City Stockinettes in Sacramento California). I wanted to have everyone knit a personal knitting ‘mascot’ using your Fuzzy Lamb pattern that is free on Ravelry.

What I was wondering is if I have your permission to print out information about your pattern to hand out at our meeting.

I didn’t want to assume that it was okay to do that. Some of our members are not so computer savvy and would appreciate the directions given to them.

I made your pattern up in lightweight yarn and small needles and felted it to make myself a little mascot. I’ll post it on Ravelry so you can see it.

Thank you very much.

Deborah Felmley (Americanknitter)

Barbara Prime said...

You can certainly make copies of the lamb pattern for your group. You can read more about my sharing policy here:

K said...

We have just slipped into deep waters for dear little me. I haven't followed a chart for a million years. I'm going to have to revisit the whole faire isle bit. I can't wait to have some time (since I am not knitting herds of peppermint horses and camels any longer) to do some wardrobe dabbling. As always, gratitude!

Charles Jaimet said...

Just wanted to let you know that I've revised the Tricksy chart maker to produce JPEG images with row and column numbering along the bottom and right sides. Hope this makes it easier for you to include your color charts in your patterns.

Here are your new charts:

Green and Red Border
Snowflake Chart
Holly Border
Cardinal Border
snowy trees