Sunday, September 25, 2011

no photos

I don't have any photos for you today, because, between one thing and another, I didn't take any in the past week. Both boys have colds, so I haven't been sleeping much (I'm sure other mums can sympathize).
I haven't done much knitting either, because I realized the pullover I'm making for Lev probably won't fit him by the time it's finished. This is partly because I don't have much time to knit it, but also because he's grown over an inch since I started it (and he's started eating like crazy again...) At least I have another boy who will appreciate it in a year or so. But now I'm stuck trying to decide between what I want to knit, and what I might actually be able to finish this winter!
I should have been taking photos of our front garden makeover that's been on-going for the past couple months. I haven't taken any progress photos because the mess of clay and rocks that kept getting churned up for one thing or another was just too ugly to bother photographing. But this weekend my hard-working hubby finally got the top-soil spread out, and I can almost imagine the new lawns and flower beds.
If I go to bed now, and if Kyr is kind and sleeps better, perhaps I will find a few lovely or cute things to share with you tomorrow, or next week...

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K said...

What I think is this: a mother with two young boys and a love for life should not be using the word "should" if reference to furnishing us with pictures of a dynamic life - you are doing enough, just taking care of two boys with colds. I know that an artist who has made a business of her art needs to keep connection with her "fans," but really - those children and your present life is the most important thing in the universe right now. And if there is any duty that justifies the word "should" it is your dear husband and those boys. We'll be here when you need us.