Sunday, September 18, 2011

images from my week

It was a busy week. We had perfect late-summer weather, so there was plenty of playing at the park around the corner.

I did manage to fit in a little sewing time to whip this up for Kyr. Sadly, it's a bit big and he doesn't like chewing on the fuzzy limbs. There's now a second one partly made.

We went out on adventures both days this weekend. First, we picked up lunch at the farmers' market, then headed to the woods for a walk. We also spent Sunday afternoon at the Montreal Botanical Gardens, but I was so busy chasing Lev and calming tantrums (he missed his nap) that I didn't take a single photo.

In between all that, and a whole lot more, I finally found time to put these guys together. There's still a couple details to finish (tusks for the elephant, a mane for the zebra), then I will send off the pattern to my tech. editor. Hopefully this means you won't have to wait too much longer!


Misty said...

Ohh, the new toys are so cute! I can't wait, especially for the zebra!

pamela28 said...

I cant wait for the elephant. They are gorgeous

K said...

Funny. I can't sit down at my machine and do ANYTHING, but I'm not the one with two tiny guys to raise. Not anymore. You'd think empty nest could translate into time. But it doesn't. I wonder why?

AmyS said...

Oh those are just charming! Love the way they're color coordinated, too, and I especially like the zebra's colors. How do you manage to do it all?

mprezzia said...

I'm so excited for these new patterns! And the little guys are so cute:)
If you ever need a test knitter, let me know; I love your patterns!