Sunday, September 11, 2011

images from my week

A few things happened this past week. Kyr turned 6 months old! He's changed a lot in the past few weeks: sitting on his own, starting solid food, and many smaller developmental and personality changes that are making him into more of a little person, rather than a wee baby. However, he remains hard to please, so this photo is one of his rare smiles.

I also found time for a little preserving, as it's that season around these parts. So far I've made some red currant and apple jam (tasty, but too many seeds), blueberry and apple butter (yum!), plus red currant and crab-apple jelly (super tasty, but declined to set). Also made, but not photographed, are 18 quarts of crushed tomatoes. I have plans for more canning, but we'll see how much time I get.

Any other plans for the week were interrupted by the school year's first stomach bug, which made it's way through everyone but the baby (thank goodness). We've recovered, and hopefully will have regained our strength by the time Lev brings the next bug home from preschool.

For this who are interested, I'm still working on that new elephant pattern, when I can find time. However, I hit a snag when something didn't turn out as I'd hoped, so I'm having to start over with a different idea. Hopefully I can get all the pieces knit and put together this week, so I will finally have something to show you!

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