Monday, September 5, 2011

images from my week

Yet again delayed by a power-outage. Let's hope they don't become a weekly event. 
This past week was all about oatmeal (thank goodness, as I was getting hard-pressed to feed such a huge baby all on my own),

and finally getting the knitting part of the new pattern done. Now I just need that oatmeal face to take an extra-long nap so I can put these toys together!

In other news, we've finally (finally!) updated the Well-Dressed Bunny pattern. You get the newer version of the toy from Fuzzy Knits, plus redesigned outfits, and the new formatting styles. If you bought it on Ravelry, you've already been sent a new download link. If you bought it elsewhere, just email one of us a receipt so we can send you a copy.


missthesea said...

I love your blog, and your beautiful little one. All of your posts put a smile on my face!

K said...

What a face. I've been feeding one a lot like it today - my youngest grandkid - here for my youngest son's wedding.