Sunday, October 23, 2011

the front garden

How have we spent nearly every nice (and some rainy) weekend day since the beginning of August?

About a year and a half ago, a plumber told us we'd need to replace the sewer line to our house, and replacing the water line wouldn't be a bad idea either. So over the course of the past couple months, our front yard was dug up, and dug up again, and messed up yet again, and probably messed up some more. The new sewer and water lines went in (boy was that an expensive and mostly invisible home reno!), the front walk was demolished, the front step demolished and then poorly repaired (it will need some tiles or something one day). Then we (or mostly Mr. Mitten) undertook to do the landscaping ourselves.

I drew up a few ideas, we chose the one we liked best, then drew out the plans. Then digging and more digging, moving rocks and more rocks (did I mention this area used to be a rock and clay quarry?), shovelling soil and sand and gravel. Finally I could plant! I've done what I could, considering it's now late Autumn here. Plus, I'm still waiting on my order of Spring bulbs. The beds will be about 2/3 full by the time the snow starts falling, so I'll have room for annuals next year, and maybe a few more choice perennials. After several years of being a knitting designer, home-maker, and mom, it's lovely to get my hands dirty and feel like a gardener again!

Front garden before

Front garden after


Allison said...

Your house is so cute! I can't wait to see a picture in spring when the bulbs are all blooming. :)

K said...

Ah - away with the square angles and hurrah for the curves and unexpected flowery places. Graceful and interesting. I would have expected nothing less.