Saturday, March 16, 2013

mystery kal: lamb charts

When I was designing the garment for my mystery knit-along, I drew up a number of charts, and picked two for the final pattern. I'm still very happy with those choices, but they are both fairly easy as far as colour-work. Also, some knitters expressed an interest in a more challenging design. So, I went back and tried to design fronts to go with the backs so I could post those extra designs here. Sadly, it turned out my first design was just unworkable. I couldn't make the pattern flow nicely into the front, no matter which way I messed around with it. So I decided to scrap that one, and make something even better.

This design has a bit of stranded knitting, and some intarsia, but does it get any cuter? You will need the Mystery KAL pattern in order to knit the garment, then you can substitute these charts for the ones in the pattern. (This is what the finished garment looks like, if knit by the pattern) You will likely need more than 25 g of yarn colour A, unless you knit the sleeves and/or the button-bands and collar in one of the contrasting colours (which could look fantastic). I really hope someone knits these adorable little lambs for a perfect Spring cardigan.

Left Front

Right Front

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Cheryl Lynch Quilts said...

Barbara, I shared some photos of your Wee Woodland Wuzzies on my blog today. They are just adorable and I think you will enjoy the tablescape.