Sunday, August 4, 2013

woodland toys in knit now magazine

Somehow I forgot to write about this here, perhaps summer just got the better of me. Anyway, I have a bit of time this morning to tell you about one of the projects that kept me busy this past spring. 

I was asked to put together a selection of woodland animals patterns for Knit Now magazine. Having never been published in a magazine, I thought it was a great opportunity. While it was a lot of work in a short amount of time (something I haven't done in ages), I learned a lot, got to work with some lovely people, and did something I'd always wanted to try. Most of the patterns included are ones I'd already published: a selection of the Wee Wuzzies, and the Owl and Baby (slightly altered, so the Owlet would actually stand). I also designed a new toy that I'd had in mind for a long while, a River Otter

I haven't seen it in print yet, but I'm sure it's lovely, and I really hope knitters in the UK are enjoying the magazine. I should be getting a few copies of the issue, and will hold a give-away for one, so check back soon!


Corina said...

I love the otter! (We have ferrets as pets...)

Momma Lynne said...

The otter is great. I have always dreamed of knitting some REDWALL characters and he'd be a perfect one. Thank you. Now we get to hunt for the mag here in Pennsylvania.