Saturday, November 21, 2015

holiday pattern round-up

Instead of a new holiday pattern this year, I wanted to share with you all the free patterns I've made in previous years. Perhaps you missed something in the past, your knitting skills have improved and you want to try new things, or you'd like to see an old project in a new way. Whatever the reason, I hope you find an hour or two to try out one of these adorable patterns. 

(Links are below, not on the individual photos)

From left to right, along to top row:

1. My most popular holiday pattern, these Mice are easy and quick to make. They can be toys to tuck into a stocking, tree ornaments, or even a gift topper. Knit them from bits of left over yarn, in any weight from fingering to worsted.

2. A close second, Mini Pookies are quirky and sweet. They're the perfect size for a Christmas tree, a child's hands, or even add a bit of cat-nip for your favourite kitty.

3. If you'd rather knit an accessory, this free hat pattern is easy and fast. Two 50 g balls of worsted yarn in your toddler's favourite colours, a few hours of knitting, and you'll have a toasty warm gift!

From left to right, along the bottom row:

4. If you know someone who loves pandas as much as my little boy, this toy is perfect. You can make a little pocket friend, or a finger puppet!

5. This reindeer finger-puppet is very similar to the panda, and more seasonal. If you don't mind a bit of hand-sewing, you can make the antlers from felt.

6: A special ornament set for those who love the North, this pattern makes an adorable baby seal and a little Inuk (person). Dress your Inuk in your favourite colours, and make the hair long or short. You can also have fun with a bit of embroidery on the coat.

And if these ideas are not enough, here's a few more:

7. One of my oldest patterns, these little stuffed trees are a great way to use up little bits of left-over yarn.

8. Have you wanted to try felting, and have some bits of wool yarn you're not using? Try making some felted star ornaments.

9. Finally, for those friends or relations who don't appreciate seasonal decorations, maybe you could knit some Mini Aliens!

For even more ideas, have a look at this similar post from Knitted Bliss.


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Thank you so much for your generosity! I hope you can relax and enjoy the holidays.

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