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fancy collar accessory

Fancy Collar

This pattern makes a charming collar that can be attached to other garments such as cardigans or pullovers, to make them into a fancy holiday outfit, or it can simply be used as an accessory, to combine with multiple outfits. I’ve given two sizes of neck width, to make it easier to match to the garment of your choice.

It will save you time and confusion to read the entire pattern first, because there are several possible variations of this accessory. Reading everything will help you choose the options you need to achieve good results on your first try.

Left: size large with wide neck, knit with worsted weight yarn.
Middle: size medium with narrow neck, knit with DK weight yarn.
Right, size small with wide neck knit with fingering weight yarn.

Yarn and Notions
10-15 g of yarn in colour of your choice, a few straight or safety pins, narrow ribbon or extra yarn or button (plus needle and thread to attach) to join collar ends (optional), crochet hook (optional)
Needles: use a pair of straight needles in the size required for your toy/yarn (see below)
Size Small: with fingering weight yarn and 3 mm (US size 2.5) straight knitting needles, collar will fit my regular 8-9” tall toys
Size Medium: with sport or DK weight yarn and 3.5 mm (US size 4) straight knitting needles, collar will fit my Wood Elf Doll or 10-12” toys
Size Large: with worsted weight yarn and 4.5 mm (US size 7) straight knitting needles, collar will fit my large 12-16” toys

Note: For a non-lacy collar, you can work the yo stitches as m1; but, the collar will be less stretchy. 

CO 52 sts.
Row 1 (WS): Knit.
Row 2: k1, [k1, yo, k1, ssk, k2tog, k1, yo] x 7, k2.
Row 3: k2, [k2, k2tog, k3] x 7, k1. (45 sts)
Row 4: k1, [k1, yo, k1, s1, k2tog, psso, k1, yo] x 7, k2.
Row 5: Knit.
Row 6: k1, [k2, ssk, k2] x 7, k2. (38 sts)
For wide-neck collar, bind off now.
For narrow-neck collar, work next 2 rows.
Row 7: Knit.
Row 8: k3, ssk, k8, ssk, k8, ssk, k8, ssk, k3. (34 sts)
Bind off.

If attaching the collar to a cardigan, pin in place, matching ends at edges of button bands. Then use yarn ends to sew the inner edge of the collar to the collar of the cardigan. I used back-stitch, working through the edges of collar and cardigan, to get a tidy line of stitches on the inside. Weave in ends on WS of the collar.

Collar attached to neck of cardigan.
If attaching the collar to a pullover, stitch the collar to the garment at centre front and back, and each shoulder, but leave the rest of the collar loose. If you sew it on all the way around, it may be difficult to get over your toy’s head.

If using the collar as an accessory, choose one of the following methods to join collar ends at centre-front.
Button: For a collar that stays attached in front, simply match up top corners, and sew button on through both layers (the toy heads are squishy, so you should still be able to get it on). For a collar that can open, sew button to one corner. On opposite corner, make a button loop from a length of yarn, or crochet a button loop.
Button with a crocheted loop.
Ribbon or Yarn: Attach a 10 cm (4”) length of ribbon or yarn to each top front corner, or make single-crochet ties with extra yarn. For extra fun, attach beads or bells to the ends of the ties.

Single-crochet ties, with bells added to ends.

[ ] x N = repeat sequence in brackets N times ("to end" means to repeat until the end of the row)
CO = cast on
K = knit
k2tog = decrease 1 by inserting needle from front to back into next 2 sts on left-hand needle, then knit together
m1 = increase 1 by picking up loop between stitch just worked and next stitch, from front to back, and knit into the back of this loop
P = purl
psso = pass slipped stitch over stitch just worked, to decrease 1 stitch
RS = right side
s1 = slip one stitch from left-hand needle to right-hand needle, making sure not to twist
ssk = decrease 1 by slipping 2 stitches purl-wise, slip back to left-hand needle, then knit slipped stitches together
st or sts = stitch or stitches
WS = wrong side
yo = yarn over: bring yarn forward, then over the needle to the back again. This makes a loop which can be worked as an extra stitch on the next row

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