Thursday, March 29, 2018

mystery knit-along 2018

I have a super fun new toy for this year's Mystery Knit-Along, so I'll hope you'll join us on a mysterious knitting adventure!

This year's toy is based on one of my previous designs, but with an unexpected twist. Also, the main toy will have a small companion toy, which is a completely new design. Overall the pattern is advanced-beginner to intermediate level, and uses techniques similar to my other toys. One toy uses worsted weight yarn on 4 mm (US size 6) knitting needles, and the other uses fingering weight yarn on 2.75 mm (US size 2) knitting needles. All pieces are knit flat and then seamed and assembled, but an experienced knitter would be able to modify most parts to be knit in the round, if desired.

If you haven't participated in one of my past mystery knit-alongs (MKAL), the way they work is fairly simple. The knit-along will begin on Thursday, April 26, and run for 5 weeks, with the final clue on May 24. Each week you'll receive a portion of the pattern, which should take one to two evenings to knit. The pattern file will always contain the previous clues, so you won't miss anything, even if you start late. As for the previous couple of MKALs, I will also include a separate file of photos, if you need some guidance on knitting and assembling the toy pieces.

Getting started is easy! First, you purchase the pattern from Ravelry. It's only available from my Ravelry shop because that's the easiest place from which to send everyone updates. Before the MKAL starts on April 26, the pattern will only contain the materials list, and a condensed version of the details you're reading here. (Hint: the pattern will be offered at a discount during the KAL, so even if you can't participate, you can get the lower price now and knit the toy later).

Second, prepare the materials you'll need for the toy. This year's materials list leaves a fair bit of room for using what you have, and being creative, which I hope will appeal to a lot of knitters. The list will also have suggestions for what to use if you need to buy yarn, so you don't have to purchase too much.

Third, decide how you want to participate. If you want the full experience, join my Ravelry group, where I host a forum specifically for the MKAL. This is a great way to share what you're knitting, and get help and encouragement, if you need them. Other options are to follow my Facebook page, where I'll post weekly updates on my progress. Third, you can follow me on Instagram, where I'll also post photos of my progress, and you can use the hashtag #fuzzymkal to share your own mystery toy. Of course, you can just knit each clue as they're available, as there's not obligation to share.

As some of you may know, I'm taking a break from designing next year to pursue some other interests. Depending on how that year goes, I may or may not return to designing knitted toys. So, it's possible this will be my last Mystery Knit-Along. This makes me sad, as this is easily my favourite part of designing toys, but perhaps it will encourage more people to participate this year. Please share this post with anyone who loves knitting cute things, and encourage them to join!

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