Monday, October 22, 2007


I've only knitted myself a shrug so far, and I've never worn it, so some day I will probably take it apart to knit something else. But I haven't given up on sweaters yet. Sweaters are my most favourite type of clothing, and one of the reasons I love living somewhere with long, cold winters. I am determined to knit more, and keep knitting them until I am good at it.

Of course, there is the problem of finding a pattern I like, and I'm terribly picky. The other problem is the cost of the yarn for a big project like that.

Thanks to another blogger, I came across a sweater pattern I love. And thanks to Knitpicks, there is nice and affordable yarn I can use for it. But I was wondering if any of you have tried their swish superwash and/or Andean silk yarn. Which do you think is nicer? Or do you know of another yarn in the same price range which is super soft and warm?

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melanie girouard said...

I am actually knitting with Andean Silk. It is the yarn I used for my shawl! If you want, I can bring it over to show you some more. If I had known you were about to order from KnitPicks, I would have waited for you and we could have combined our orders (I am waiting for more Andeans Silk to finish my shawl, actually). :-) As for the other yarn, I do not know it.

I found the Andean silk to be very warm and soft. The description they make about it is quite accurate. You really want to rub your face against it, like a cat. :-)