Wednesday, March 26, 2008

hippo correction #2

I feel like a dumb-arse. I keep telling myself that even experienced knitters make mistakes. Heck, I have published pattern books with mistakes in them. But it doesn't make me feel much better for selling you a pattern with problems. I put it down to poor note-taking and too much hurry. I will try to do better for you in future.

Here's the correction:

Knit mouth with pink yarn.
Cast on 7 sts. P 1 row.
Next: k1, m1, k5, m1, k1. (9 sts) P 1 row.
Next: k1, m1, k7, m1, k1. (11 sts)
Work 5 rows in st st.
Next: skpo, k7, k2tog. (9 sts) P 1 row.
Next: skpo, k5, k2tog. ( 7 sts) P 1 row.
Next: k1, m1, k5, m1, k1. (9 sts)
Work 5 rows in st st.
Next: skpo, k5, k2tog. (7 sts)
Next: skpo, k5, k2tog. (7 sts)
Next: p2tog, p3, p2tog tbl. (5 sts)
Cast off 5 sts.

Please note that you need to cross out the third to last row (the faded one), as well as changing the stitch counts.

There is another spot in the head where my directions aren't wrong, but they might be a bit confusing:

Next: k8, k2tog, k4, skpo, k8 (22 sts) P 1 row.
Next: k1, m1, k4 - place these first 6 sts on
holder, k2, [m1, k1] nine times, k1, k4, m1, k1 -
place these last 6 sts on holder.
Break off yarn. Attach yarn to sts still on needle.
(21 sts) This next part makes the nose.

I think I wrote it this way to keep track of which stitches are for the top of the nose, and which ones are for the jaw. If it's less confusing for you, write in k5.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the last of the mistakes.

For any new patterns, I will definitely ask people to test-knit them for me. It might mean the patterns take longer to release, but hopefully there won't be mistakes in them. If you want to volunteer, leave a comment. When I need people, I will select 2-3 of you, and contact you by email.

- EDIT -
Murphy is out to get me... one more little change, and hopefully, please God, let this be the last one! This is in the instructions for the head, right at the bottom of the left column on page 3:

Work 4 rows in st st.
Next: skpo, k7, k2tog. (9 sts) P 1 row


Anonymous said...

Don't feel too bad. If folk are finding errors at least they are using the patterns. I'm a relative newbie but would like to help out with test knitting - although I might forgo something as intricate as a hippo!! When I get my knitted fuzzies book I'm going to work my way through it. To make you feel better.... apparently on the Nigella Lawson website there is a whole section on corrections to her books! At least we're not eating the mistakes! All the Best.

Anonymous said...

i would love to help you test
if you need to contact me here is my

also you can find me at ravelry under the username sarloz

Catie said...

Don't worry about the mistakes - they are being found quickly and appear to be relatively minor. I don't know what is involved with test knitting but I think I would love to test knit for you (not certain because I'm not completely clear on exactly what a test knitter is required to do). I would test knit anytime after this August (silly thesis to write this summer). You can find me via my blog (that should be linked) or on ravelry as CatieCat. And the soup pictures you've been posting make me want to make soup!

Anonymous said...

would love to be a test knitter for you..knitted heaps of your toys (15 in past 12mths)..I am Kattwings on have put one of my toys as your faves before..

I agree mistakes happen...all the time...I have had test knitters for my patterns and I havent even released any yet. I am always worried that I have made mistakes..or someone wont understand what I mean..

I love pantha's least we arent eating the

Happy knitting


Unknown said...

I'd be more than happy to help you in your mission for releasing your cuteness onto the world of knitting.
Don't worry about any mistakes, as long as they are noticed fairly quickly im sure it doesnt cause any problems for people.
Keep up the good work your doing great.
Raynor ☺

GriffGirls said...

Don't let the few mistakes get you down - your patterns are wonderful and everyone loves to see how creative you are. Writing a pattern or even thinking about it makes my head spin!

I would love to be a test knitter for you - I've created a few of your Easter Bunnies and Fuzzy lambs. Everyone loves them!

I'm on ravelry - griffgirls - but have not figured out the flickr stuff to put my pictures up! Will have to ask on of my kids to help!

Please keep up the designing - look forward to your next creation!

Can I suggest a fish of some sorts as summer swim team season is approaching! But with today's snow here not sure how quickly it will get here!
Thanks again for all you do.


Anonymous said...

Ready, willing, available and at your service. Check out email I've sent you.