Wednesday, July 23, 2008

help please

My husband brought up an interesting idea about my post yesterday, but I need your help to check it. He thinks that if you've bought patterns from Lulu, you should be able to go back and download the new versions when I update them. I can't check this myself, but it makes sense to me. So if you could help me out, that would be great! For example, if you bought the Sea Horse pattern the first day it was available, you could see if a newly downloaded version still has the spelling mistake, or if you get the corrected version.

If this works, it means you could get the new versions of patterns as I update them. Sadly, I can't do the same thing with Etsy. Just thinking about trying to replace old patterns, checking all the orders etc, makes me feel a little faint :) It would be nice if Etsy could come up with a better way for people to sell pdf patterns, but at least I have Lulu as a backup.


Sara (a.k.a Sarloz) said...

i have the original hippo pattern before you make corrections on it...i can try downloading it and let you know if it is corrected.

Sara (a.k.a Sarloz) said...

just went to the hippo and redownloaded it ...doesnt look like the corrections are there ....but imnot sure if you actually fixed it in the pattern or just get added the corrections to your blog