Monday, September 8, 2008

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Here I am, procrastinating about making bread, despite the fact that I won't have anything for lunch tomorrow if I don't. Well, I will get to it as soon as I answer a few questions.

First, someone asked me recently what yarn I use for the Siamese kitty, but for the life of me I can't find the email. I guess that happens sometimes. Anyway, I use Elann's Peruvian Highland wool in worsted weight, in coffee bean brown, nutmeg heather, and bisque. If you want more contrast, try bittersweet for the dark brown. I love this yarn, because it's soft, comes in lots of great colours, and is really affordable.

The other question was about my Ravelry id. My patterns are here, and my own account is here. I do have a shop, but it only has the free lamb pattern. (these links only work if you have a Ravelry account) I'd looked into having my other patterns there, but decided it wasn't worth it for the extra work it would create. It looks like lots of people would like a Fuzzy Mitten Ravelry group, so I guess I need to look into how I do that.

Someone also asked what will happen to Fuzzy Mitten once I have my baby. While there's still a few months to wait, I have been making some plans. I have a couple new things coming before Christmas, but then January will probably be pretty quiet while I get everything ready for the new Mitten. Some of the secret stuff I've been working on are new patterns that I will release next winter and spring. I'm hoping this will keep things interesting for you, while being the minimum of work for me. My Etsy and Lulu shops will stay open, though it's likely there won't be any kits or toys for the first few months. I have no idea how much time and energy I will have for blogging, so we'll just have to wait and see. I hope that sounds reasonable to all of you!


Catie said...
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Catie said...

sorry, I saw the voting thing and decided to write my thoughts there more or less. and in terms of fuzzy mitten activity, it is definitely reasonable that there will be a bit of a slow down

Anonymous said...

Of course that's reasonable! I mean, the new little Mitten is definitely what's most important here, and hey, we can wait. You just take as much time as you need come January (and beyond) - and share as many (or as few) glimpes into your life as you feel comfortable with. :)