Monday, April 4, 2011

over-flowing inbox

If you've been trying to contact me, I'm starting to go through my inbox today. However, estimating by the amount of email there, and how much time I have on the computer, it could take me a week or two to get through everything. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Update (2:47 pm): I've replied to most of the messages in my email inbox, as well as Etsy messages. However, Ravelry messages will have to wait until tomorrow, as I have an upset baby to care for. (I wish there was some way to get all my messages in one place!)

Until then, look at the cute baby in knitted things! (the vest and slippers are both improvised designs, and made with some Knit Picks sock yarn I dyed a couple years ago)


EcoKnitter said...

Oh my is that the new baby??

Anonymous said...

Sweet little babies will stop your world like that! :) Love that picture!! Great knitted items tooo!

Enjoy !!

zbaerenlovesme said...

I have that same swing, two kids and what a godsend hahaha. Also, What a freaking cutie pie!! I love the knits!!!!

Jani said...

That's the best excuse for ignoring the computer I've ever seen! Congrats - what a cutie!

K said...

phooey - thought I'd left a comment on this. Darling baby. Just another charming Fuzzy creation!!