Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June featured pattern - Tiger

The tiger is another one of my very first patterns, published just a couple months after I started Fuzzy Mitten in November of 2006. I don't really remember why I wanted to design a tiger, but it was based heavily on my Tabby Kitty pattern. Looking at the photos now, I clearly didn't even check out photos of real tigers to see how their ears are shaped, or what colour their eyes are! Despite this, it's always been a popular design, and even more so when I updated the pattern for the second edition of Fuzzy Knits.

Originally the tiger had larger, cat-shaped ears, an entirely white nose, and more white on it's paws. The outfit in the pattern was a simple dress made from identical front and back, held together at the shoulders with a crocheted edging and buttons. This version is still available in the book Stitch 'n Bitch Superstar. While the book was waiting to be published, I designed the newer version and offered it to the editor, thinking it would be more appropriate for the book. They liked the original one better, however; so it's still out there, if you feel like finding the book at your local library or book store.

I really love the changes I made to the tiger, though. I wanted one of the patterns in Fuzzy Knits to have some more advanced techniques, but used in a way that seemed approachable. Now the tiger has small, round ears in the right colours. A white chin gives you a chance to try out a little intarsia. Plus, she has a lovely summer dress, knit in the round with a colour-work design.

Here's another tiger I knit as a custom order, in a dress with a different pattern. (You can also knit the dress in a single yarn, like this one done in a striping sock yarn).

And one last tiger for you: Rudyard, whom I knit for a plush toy show several years ago. He's got lovely whiskers done in a white eyelash yarn, and the jacket and waistcoat from my bunny pattern.

If you'd like to make your own tiger, the pattern is 50% off for the month of June. Find it on Etsy or Ravlery (here you get the discount at check-out).


Sheltie Times said...

There is something rather adorable about the first one. The second one is more elaborate, but I think if I was picking I'd go with the first. Not as accurate perhaps, but really cute.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I like both, they each have their own charm.
Do you ever consider designing a traditional type teddy bear pattern. Good teddy bear patterns are very thin on the ground. Every time I knit one it turns out looking like a mouse for some reason.

airali said...

I love the new tiger with the summer dress, I've just pin it :)

Anonymous said...

So cute!!!

Mollie said...

I'm working on a tiger now . . . wondering if I can knit tail on circular needles?